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Australia’s Former Favourite Muslim Courts Controversy With the US Right

n 2017, Australia’s “fake sheikh” was exposed as a fraud. Six years on, are the American right willing co-conspirators in Mohammed Tawhidi’s covert campaign of Islamophobia?

Girls Just Wanna Have Trump

Trump’s enduring female fanbase smashes the MAGA bro stereotype – and may be the former president’s best hope for a 2024 revival. 
Who said Hilary would win the female vote again?

Won’t Somebody Think of The Men?!

Are men like Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton the true victims of rape culture?
Won’t somebody think of the (man)children?!

COVID Goes To Hollywood

Covid-19 has officially spread to our screens, with a growing number of Hollywood and television creatives introducing the real-world pandemic into fictional plot lines.
Model Arizona Muse at Venice Film Festival 2020 (via Grazia UK)

Eminem And The Other F Word

The artist Eminem means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Visionary rapper. Inspirational ex-addict. The GOAT. But should the artist’s legacy gloss over repeated instances of homophobia in his rhymes?
Does Eminem have a gay problem? Does the pope shit in the woods?

Peter Dutton’s Outrage At Rape Apologist Tweet Nothing To Do With Respecting Women

A headache inducing web of hyperbolic outrage and gaslighting culminated early this month with Defence Minister Peter Dutton appearing to suggest that due to his contribution to preventing sexual assault from occurring throughout his service with the AFP, the label of “rape apologist” was particularly hurtful top him personally.
Dutton v Bazzi

Sex And The City’s 5 Worst Pieces of Love and Relationship Advice

Just by showing single women having casual sex (and what’s more enjoying it), Sex and the City changed the way we talked about women’s’ sexuality. Unfoundedly, the show’s portrayal of love and dating was not quite as insightful.
Also-fucking-lutely… not

Do I Make You Porny? How Hardcore Porn is Ruining Sex

Is it time we logged off and took our hand from our pants? The answer may be yes, with evidence suggesting that by watching people fuck, we’re really fucking ourselves.
What does porn do to our brain?

Australia Treading Water on Climate Change Will Widen the Gap For Indigenous Communities

Indigenous Australians are already being disproportionately affected by climate change. But if Prime Minister Scott Morrison is concerned, he’s certainly not showing it.
Morrison’s glacial pace on climate action disproportionately affects Indigenous Australians

The Nice Guy Paradox

For a long time, the Nice Guy trope has been accepted and even celebrated in society and popular culture. For a long time, the Nice Guy trope has been accepted and even celebrated in society and popular culture. The consequence? Women being taught to ignore red flags and feeling that they owe Nice Guys the intimacy they relentlessly pursue.
Could Ross be any more toxic?

X (2022) Review

This seventies-inspired slasher flick is an original, sleazily entertaining collision of sex and violence.
X draws upon elements of dark comedy, arthouse, and exploitation cinema to create a horror movie with a twist. 

The Moralisation of Fatness in Children’s Stories

Children develop negative attitudes toward overweight people before reaching Kindergarten. But are we really surprised?
Fat baddie Ursula, The Little Mermaid

Interview with George, Syrian Armed Forces

“All outside powers want something from this country. Without that, they would not have been involved.” 
Syrian military in Manbij, 2018 (photo via Since Independence)

A Retrospective on the Torture Porn Craze of the 2000s

Cast your mind back to the dark ages of the naughties; a time when jeans were low, sunglasses huge, and Kim Kardashian Paris Hilton’s lowly assistant. For better or worse, this was the era of torture porn. 
Saw (2004)

TERF Wars: Harry Potter and the Curious Case of the Writer’s Transphobia

Rowling was more than just a popular author. She was an icon, and just as inspiring to young fans as the titular Harry Potter himself. So why the hell did she decide to tarnish her reputation with public transphobia? 
Harry Potter and the Magical Case of the Writer’s Prejudice.

How Covid-19 Has Affected Refugees

Take some of the world’s most persecuted individuals. Add an immigration detention policy so hostile it has been condemned by the United Nations as a breach of human rights. Then throw in a worldwide pandemic of unprecedented scale.
What effect has the pandemic had on some of the world’s most vulnerable people?

Australia the Next Nomadland?

The Federal Government is threatening to cut $57 million in funding from essential homelessness services… six months after spending $158 billion on reducing the tax bill of Australia’s highest income brackets. That’s the equivalent of giving $1,000 to high earners and withholding 36 cents from homelessness charities to save money.
What happens to people locked out of Sydney’s housing market?

Why Bridget Jones’s Diary Was Robbed at the Oscars

in 2001, Everyone looked sharp in hip-huggers, a camo bucket hat and frameless tinted sunglasses. Jeans and a nice top was considered suitable red carpet attire. Leonardo DiCaprio was dating a woman roughly his own age. And Oscar winning films weren’t always dour and hard to watch
Renee was robbed.

Michelle and Jennifer, Eating Disorder Recovery Specialists

It is confusing when your loved one won’t eat. “Why don’t you just eat?” may seem a logical question, but eating disorders don’t work on logic.
Recovery coaches, support groups, or just the help of friends and family are invaluable when recovering from an eating disorder.

Baa Baa WOKE Sheep!? The Dangerous Ideologies of Kindergarteners (And why you should be afraid!

You thought Safe Schools was bad? Try Baa Baa WOKE Sheep!  in news broken by the telegraph and Daily Mail, children as young as five are being taught about race. Here’s why it’s a threat to your way of life.
Enemies of the state: Woke Kindergarteners.

The Feminist’s Guide to Eminem

Like many white Australian girls from the suburbs, I’ve idolised Eminem since the age of eleven.  But god, he makes it hard sometimes. 
Cant help but Stan.

I Joined a COVID Truther Group and All I Got Was Depressed

“So many people have probably written me off as a nutcase, but I honestly don’t give a flying f**k. A lot of my friends are on the same page but so many people have been sucked in and I’m running out of options to convince them.”
Australian lockdown protestors take to the streets

Anzac Day: a bit fucked or nah?

If you think that nah, ANZAC day is not that fucked then honour the day however is meaningful for you. But try not to flip your shit and condemn people with a different opinion to yourself.
What is it about men in uniform…. that divides the country every April?

Game on Molls: Australian Reality TV’s Most Memorable Players

Rate them or hate them? drown them or crown them? From the bachelor to australian idol, this article decides which controversial contestants are the goat.
Bachelor in Paradise Au 2020.

Interview with Ellysha, Prison Officer

There are so many misconceptions about prison officers, mostly being that you have to be a strong male, which is certainly not the case.
Ellysha doesn’t believe in a few bad apples spoiling the bunch – on either side of the bars.
Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Ten Films of the 2000s That Have Aged Horribly

if there’s one thing 2021 audiences love more han entitled white women roaming the globe and appropriating cultures.

Sydney’s Hidden Hate Crimes

racist attacks on aboriginal australians sleeping rough
Eddy Avenue, the home of many rough sleepers

Dominic Perrottet’s Family Values

he’s the self described “family premier.” but what does this mean for minoritries?
The Family Premier


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