What was she thinking?

Won’t somebody think of the (man)children?!

Won’t Somebody Think of The Men?

Are men like Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton the true victims of rape culture?

Hands up if you can hear this image?
Love Actually: The Definitive Take

Throw on your suavest Christmas sweater, and prepare to cringe through some of the most questionable grand “romantic” gestures of the pre-#MeToo era. 

X (2022) Film Review

This seventies-inspired slasher flick is an original, sleazily entertaining collision of sex and violence.  

What, like it’s hard?

Why Pink is the New Black

This seemingly bubbly rom-com actually comprises subversive social commentary, feminist ideals, and celebration of women’s value to the legal profession and society itself.

Well this sucks

So Are We All Getting Covid Or No?

I’m not an immunologist. But 100,000 cases a day does seem high. 

Cute or disconcerting?

Baaad Habits: Lamb (2021) Review

Do you consider your pet “part of the family?” If so you you’ll either entirely relate to Lamb’s doomed protagonists, or leave the cinema a little, well, sheepish. 

Morrison’s Anti-Harassment Measures Won’t Help Victims Who Fall Through the Cracks

Conspicuously missing from the reforms is the introduction of a positive duty of employers to prevent sexual harassment.

How I Became Friends With a Die-Hard Trump Supporter

Riley is twenty-two years old, from Florida, and has the typical beach girl tan, blond hair, and Summer body all year round. She is a freelance writer and personal trainer. She is also an unashamed Donald Trump supporter. 

Eminem and the Other F Word

The artist Eminem means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But should the artist’s legacy gloss over repeated instances of homophobia in his rhymes?

Candyman (2021) Review

While a powerfully emotive reflection on hideous white violence, the film falls short of Get Out’s brilliance. 

Fat baddie Ursula, The Little Mermaid
The Moralisation of Fatness in Children’s Stories

Children develop negative attitudes toward overweight people before reaching Kindergarten. But are we really surprised?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

The Nice Guy Paradox

“The ‘Nice Guy’ believes that because he does the bare minimum of being a decent human being that he is entitled to a woman’s heart, attention and body.”

Covid-truthers and the Co-option of the Protest Movement

So what the hell were they thinking? Do these people truly believe in their muddled message? Or are they merely self-centred attention seekers?

Friends? Or frenemies?

Celebrity Feuds that Hurt More than a Breakup

While there’s nothing so wholesome as seeing on-screen besties hanging out for-reals, it turns out that when it comes to masking total disdain, some of our favourite stars are far better actors than we thought.

All by mysellllf”
Why Bridget Jones’s Diary Was Robbed at the Oscars

I consider a single woman in her thirties, who has problems with her weight and career as pretty much universally relatable (I wonder why?)

Think Pink… For Gender Stereotypes

Feminism has come a long way, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s come at the expense of shaming ‘feminine’ culture, and cemented our little boys even further in a rigid box of gender expression.

Photo by CDC on Pexels.com
Baa Baa WOKE Sheep? The Dangerous Ideologies of Woke Kindergarteners (and why you should be afraid!)

They’re a threat to our Australian way of life. And they’re right under our noses.

How I Became Friends With a Die-Hard Trump Supporter

Riley is twenty-two years old, from Florida, and has the typical beach girl tan, blond hair, and Summer body. She is a freelance writer and personal trainer; a job she loves because it allows her to help people achieve their goals. She is also an unashamed Donald Trump supporter. 

The Feminist’s Guide to Eminem

Like many white Australian girls from the suburbs, I’ve idolised Eminem since the age of eleven.  But god, he makes it hard sometimes. 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Is Anzac Day a bit Fucked or Nah?

If you think that nah, ANZAC day is not that fucked then honour the day however is meaningful for you. But try not to flip your shit and condemn people with a different opinion to yourself.

A man happy to be reviewing Married at First Sight. Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

A Boomer’s Review of the MAFS Finale

I’m an unlikely person to review MAFS. I’m a 62-year-old man who usually has a disdain for any of the reality programs, and my guess is that MAFS is as close to the bottom of the barrel as it gets.

When does keeping up with celebrity gossip cross the line?

Let’s Not Keep Up With the Kardashian Custody Arrangements

Grown adults monetising young children without consent or consideration for their wellbeing is creepy at the best of times. But when the story involves a child in trauma, it reaches a whole new level of wrong.

Photo by Alexander Tiupa on Pexels.com
Are We Being Greenwashed by the State of NSW?

When governments engage in greenwashing they’re doing more than overselling consumers about the merits of a product or brand. They’re overselling us on how optimistic we should feel about the planet’s future.

This Country Deserves a Better Class Of (Reality TV) Criminal

Bryce is total dickwad. But he’s just not cut out for reality tv. He flew too close to the sun when he should have settled for being a breakfast radio douche bro (something I didn’t know existed).

My Aunt Lydia. What a sweetheart!

My Aunt Lydia: The Paradox Of Internalised Misogyny

There’s an Aunt Lydia in my life.

Maybe there’s one in yours too.

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