Baa Baa WOKE Sheep?! The Dangerous Ideologies of Woke Kindergarteners  (And why you should be afraid!)

26 April 2021

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They’re a growing threat to our Australian way of life. And they’re right under our noses. 


If you have a little boy or girl (to be clear, those are the two options); be aware. You may be inadvertently raising a Woke Kindergartener.

Children don’t become Woke Kindergarteners on their own. But it takes just one overpaid schoolteacher with a Sarah Hanson Young complex to call the PC brigade. And then, let the brainwashing begin. You thought Safe Schools was bad? Try Baa Baa WOKE Sheep! 

That’s right, children as young as five are being taught about race. And not in the good way. Lessons reportedly include “White Privilege Training,” where kids are made to feel guilty for slavery and so-called systemic prejudice. It’s the black armband view of history all over again. Tell me, under what logic should my generation be made to apologies for atrocities committed before we were born?! We’re not even planning to apologise for the atrocities we’re directly contributing to now. 

How will children grow up with a moral compass, let alone the type of education that will get them into Sydney Uni, without an in-depth appreciation for Captain Cook or Governor Arthur Phillip? Before them, Australia was just bush. Populated bush, like Tasmania today, but disorganised, ungoverned bush. Like Tasmania today. 

We, alongside The Telegraph and The Daily Mail, managed to obtain some of the propaganda that “justifies” an approach of “empathy” and “much needed focus on the development and wellbeing of young children from non-white backgrounds as well as the encouragement of tolerance and respect in all classmates.”

The paper, called “Birth to Five Matters,” claims that

‘It is time to challenge the widespread notion that ‘children do not see race’ and are colour blind to difference. 

‘When adults are silent about race, children’s racial prejudice and misconceptions can be maintained or reinforced.’

Well checkmate, because I am not silent about race. My kids have learnt that I’m not shy on the subject, especially after I’ve had a few. 

But it gets worse. The Commie ABC would probably have you believe that tensions between the black community and the police, both in Australia and the US, are historically high following the latest spate of unprovoked murders of civilians by the people meant to protect them. This is as usual, false. The real uprising against the police is coming from, you guessed it, Kindergarteners. 

The Telegraph broke this important front-page story, declaring; 

“Primary Students Given a Lesson in Hating Cops.  

Finally, some real news

I thought this might be hyperbole. Until I saw how my six-year-old had decorated her room. 

The radicalisation of the under 10s must stop- before they organise

And instead of her usual bedtime nursery rhyme, she begged me to recite the following verse to her:

I’m cop killer, it’s better you than me

Cop killer, fuck police brutality

Cop killer, I know your family’s greivin’ (fuck em!)

Cop killer, but tonight we get even haha!

More details to follow as this story develops. 

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