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Australia’s Former ‘Favourite Muslim’ Courts Credibility With US Right 

In 2017, Australia’s “fake sheikh” was exposed as a fraud. Six years on, are the American right willing co-conspirators in Mohammed Tawhidi’s covert campaign of Islamophobia?

Margot Robbie in The Wold of Wall Street

The Top 10 Margot Robbie Movies

Let’s look back at ten of the most engaging, exciting, and entertaining Margot Robbie movies…so far.

The Five Worst Trends of 2000s Cinema

Let’s hope Hollywood never revives these particularly obnoxious cinematic tropes of the decade.

Eminem and Elton John duet at the infamous 2001 Grammy awards

Can’t Help But Stan: Eminem and Elton John’s Enduring Friendship

Take one of England’s most successful pop star of the 70s with a penchant for ostentatious eyewear. Add hip hop’s original problem whose foul-mouthed lyrics are a magnet for controversy.  

Model Arizona Muse at Venice Film Festival 2020 (via Grazia UK)

COVID Goes to Hollywood

Covid-19 has officially spread to our screens, with a growing number of Hollywood and television creatives introducing the real-world pandemic into fictional plot lines.

Who can judge an immigrant’s character?
The Hypocrisy of Immigration’s Asylum Seeker “Character Tests”

The Migration Act creates a new class of unlawful entrant whose future is almost entirely at the mercy of the Minister for Immigration and Border Control and their assessment of the immigrant’s “character.”

What’s porn doing to our brains?

Do I Make You Porny? How Hardcore Porn is Ruining Sex

Is it time we logged off and took our hand from our pants? The answer may be yes, with evidence suggesting that by watching people fuck, we’re really fucking ourselves. 

Also-fucking-lutely… not
Sex and the City’s 5 Worst Pieces of Love and Relationship Advice

Just by showing single women having casual sex (and what’s more enjoying it), Sex and the City changed the way we talked about women’s’ sexuality. Unfoundedly, the show’s portrayal of love and dating was not quite as insightful.

One Australia’s 2019/2020 bushfires
Australia Treading Water on Climate Change Will Widen the Gap for Indigenous Communities

Indigenous Australians are already being disproportionately affected by climate change. But if Prime Minister Scott Morrison is concerned, he’s certainly not showing it.

The (self appointed) Family Premier

Dominic Perrottet’s Family Values

Perrottet is the self described “family premier.” But should does his conception of the family reflect society’s morals?

Wild scenes outside Victoria CFMEU’s headquarters

A Nazi, a Conspiracy Theorist and a Construction Worker Walk into a Bar

There’s panic in the streets of Melbourne, The last four days have seen escalating chaos in the city’s CBD with what was once deemed a “peaceful protest” descending into violence.

Saw (2004)
A Retrospective on the Torture Porn Craze of the 2000s

Cast your mind back to the dark ages of the naughties; a time when jeans were low, sunglasses huge, and Kim Kardashian Paris Hilton’s lowly assistant. For better or worse, this was the era of torture porn. 

A family at the centre of Australia’s immigration debate. Photo via

A Short-Term Solution?

What is it about this case that tugs at heartstrings where others have not? And what does it mean for the family’s future that a politician as predictably conservative as Barnaby Joyce is willing to cross the floor for them?

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
TERF Wars: Harry Potter and the Curious Case of the Writers Transphobia

Rowling was more than just a popular author. She was an icon, and just as inspiring to young fans as the titular Harry Potter himself. So why the hell did she decide to tarnish her reputation with public transphobia? 

How Covid-19 Has Affected Refugees

Take some of the world’s most persecuted individuals. Add an immigration detention policy so hostile it has been condemned by the United Nations as a breach of human rights. Then throw in a worldwide pandemic of unprecedented scale.

Australia the Next Nomadland?

Australia doesn’t have a fraction of the number of spaces to house people in need- in either the short or the long-term. And for people sleeping rough, in insecure housing, or at risk of homelessness, things are getting worse.

Talking to a mate at the beach? Self care

WTF is Self Care?

The benefits of self care include attaining optimal physical and mental health, reducing stress, and meeting emotional needs. And if those don’t sound like things you could use more of in your life; congratulations, and I hate you.

Girls Just Wanna Have Trump

Trump’s enduring female fanbase smashes the MAGA bro stereotype – and may be the former president’s best hope for a 2024 revival.

Sydney’s Street Art

Urunga and Kimberly both have Aboriginal heritage which is rendered through their artwork. In this sense, art is more than just a hobby. It’s an inimitable link to culture and family. 

They were asking for it…

What ‘Promising Young Woman’ Gets So Right About Rape Culture

Do you like getting so angry you cry? Then this is the film for you!


The Real Pups of Instagram

It’s an influencer world and we’re just living in it. They’re young. They’re vapid. They’re popular. They’re fake. They’re sexy. They’re slobbery?

. Nothing bad ever happened on the internet…

I Joined a Covid Truther Group and all I Got Was Depressed

“So many people have probably written me off as a nutcase, but I honestly don’t give a flying f**k… so many people have been sucked in and I’m running out of options to convince them.”

Why can’t Julia Roberts’ films age as well as she has?

Ten Films of the 2000s That Have Aged Horribly

If there’s one thing 2021 audiences love, it’s entitled white women roaming the globe and appropriating cultures.

The group most affected are never considered in our conversations about violence toward women.

The Forgotten Victims of Domestic Violence

The prevalence of violence is probably not shocking considering the exposure of women sleeping rough. But do we even consider it a real crime, if the victim was “just a homeless person?” 

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Godzilla? Godzilla vs Kong: The Definitive Review

Kong, or “King” Kong to give him his full title, is a (very) big ape. Godzilla literally breathes radioactive flames. The writers take the obvious route to give Kong a fighting chance- the appearance of a magical axe.

Anna, Big Brother alumni

Game on Molls: Australia’s Most Memorable Reality TV Players

Fifteen-plus years of reality tv consumption has taught me that the real criteria of reality tv stardom includes an inimitable style (sartorial or in attitude), the ability to bring the dramz’, and most importantly, catchphrases.

Guatemalan “Chicken” Buses

Machismo and the Cost of Culture

“The first male chauvinists in Guatemala are women- we poorly educate our children by telling them that man is the boss, that the woman must serve him, and that she must put up with everything.” 

Corporations talking rubbish

The Dirty Cycle of Greenwashing

In the context of high rates of scientific distrust by the public, the co-option of environmentally-loaded words by marketing creatives is a dangerous combination.

If they don’t get more of us into the shelters, someone’s going to get killed”

Sydney’s Hidden Hate Crimes

Sydney’s homeless population are under attack from neo-Nazis. So why aren’t we hearing about it?

Slavery is not a relic of the past

Survivors of Trafficking Fight Back

Shakti Samuha has the distinction of being the world’s first ever organisation to be established and run by survivors of human trafficking. 

. Repealing laws is only half the battle

All India Queer Rights Association Tears Down Colonial Relics of Homophobia

It is culture that underpins institutions. But which culture does India’s homophobia steam from?

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