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George, Syrian Armed Forces

I dream of a country without wars, hunger and injustice…. I hope one day to go to Australia.

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Michelle and Jennifer, Eating Disorder Specialists

It is confusing when your loved one won’t eat. “Why don’t you just eat?” may seem a logical question, but eating disorders don’t work on logic.

Taylor: Why I Stand With President Trump

I have complete faith that if I ever had the honor of meeting President Trump, that he would not say or do anything in the realm of harassment.

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Junko, Life in Japan

Some guys (especially from Western countries) think Japanese girls are very easy. I hate those guys!

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Kiana, International Development Specialist

The human rights implications of climate change is that the smallest industrial CO2 producers will feel the first and largest impact to their livelihoods. The global poor are and will be affected by climate change at higher rates than wealthier individuals and nations

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Ely Jackson, Aussie Actress in Vancouver

Slowly… with more women directing, producing and casting roles for film and tv, diversity, normalization of realistic beauty ideals and healthy body image are being represented on screen.

Greece is home to many Georgian immigrants

Tsuri, Georgian Immigrant in Athens

The difference that exists between the women of these two countries, is that women in Greece are financially stronger, independent and based on that freer.

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Ellysha, Prison Officer

“There are so many misconceptions about prison officers, mostly being that you have to be a strong male, which certainly not the case. “

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Mimi and Life in China

At the early period, we do suffer from the Covid and kept worrying about the medical staff and patients. But we can see the effort all Chinese people do to help the country. Every walks of life tried to do what they can do, the doctors, nurses, food deliverers, drivers, builders, officers”. 

A little intergenerational equity never hurt anybody.

Ruth, Kenyan Environmental Management Specialist

It’s important to manage natural resources in Kenya because as a country it’s our responsibility not only to be able to meet the needs of current generations but also future generations.


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