Junko, Life in Japan

Joanna Psaros

17 January 2021

Photo by sl wong on Pexels.com

1. What is your age, location and profession? 

Age: 32 I live in Saitama, 30min from Tokyo. I work for logistics in Automotive industry. 

2. Can you tell us a little about your upbringing?

Mmm it’s not upbringing, but I moved a lot because of my dad’s job. This affects me a lot. 

3. You’ve lived in both the US and Japan. Did you notice any differences between the way men and women acted, or were treated in society?

I guess both women and men act are not different that much. But they are more open than Japanese. Like, I didn’t know” making out culture “ until I was in US. Well, we also have those cultures, but we don’t kiss in front of people. 

4. How would you describe the beauty standard for Japanese women?

Girls who have big eyes and fair skin are popular in Japan. 

5. Are there any misconceptions that foreigners have about Japan?

Some guys (especially from Western countries) think Japanese girls are very easy. I hate those guys !

6. Can you think of a political or historical event that has affected you or your loved ones? 


7. How would you describe the meaning of human rights?

 Mmm hard to describe.

8., Have you ever been treated unfairly by someone in power? 

No . 

9. What are your fears and hopes for your country?

Fear; Birth rate has been decreasing. (in Japan, people after age 65 can get pension from government, so little number of young people have to pay a lot of social insurance premium for those pensions.) Hope; Tokyo Olympic Games!  (I still have hope…) 

Tokyo 2021?

[ Read more on Tokyo’s rocky road to the Olympic Games here ]

11. What are your fears and hopes for your own future?

Fears; My life after retirement (I’m not sure I can get pension from government) Hope; having family.  

12. What makes you happiest? 

Having a high salary doesn’t make me happy always. (also you get huge pressure). 

When my boss asked me the special job. (The work my boss thinks I’m the right person). 

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