Ruth, Kenyan environmental management specialist

Joanna Psaros

21 January 2021

Kenya is home to luscious natural beauty
  1. What is your place of birth and current location? 

Place of birth Nairobi and location too.

2. Can you tell me a little about your upbringing and family? 

I grew up in a normal family with both my parents and my other 3 siblings. All my siblings and me are educated and we all had a good upbringing.

3. You are an environmental health safety specialist and have experience in using geospatial technology to manage natural resources. How important is the management of natural resources in Kenya? 

It’s important to manage natural resources in Kenya because as a country it’s our responsibility not only to be able to meet the needs of current generations but also future generations through proper utilisation of our natural resources.

Climate change is also an issue affecting our world today and so through NRM we can be able to combat the effects of climate change so as to ensure the Environment is safer for all. Managing our natural resources also ensures needs of our society are met for example access to clean water, access to clean energy that does not cause pollution, etc.

Climate change rally in Sydney, Australia prompted by December 2019’s catastrophic bushfires

Climate change protesters in Sydney, Australia (2019)

4. What do human rights mean to you? 

Human rights means equality for all humans. For example the right to live, freedom of expression, right for equitable distribution of resources, right not be discriminated on basis of your tribe when applying for jobs etc.

5. Can you think of a historical or political event that affected you or your loved ones personally? 

Yes,  the post election violence of 2007-2008 in my country that left many people dead and others displaced from their homes and lots of property damage.

[ Human Rights Watch reports that a minimum of 24 people were killed and 100 injured by police in the aftermath of the election, many at protests against the new President. ]

6. Have you ever been treated unfairly by those in power? 


7. What is the best advice your mother gave you? 

To be kind to all humans. 

8. What makes you happy?

Living a peaceful life makes me happy.

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