Taylor: Why I Stand With President Trump

Joanna Psaros

19 January 2021

  1. Where were you born, where do you currently reside and what is your profession?

I was born in Cincinnati, OH. I moved a lot as a child, from state to state, and ended up in Florida around 14.. where I currently reside with my fiance. I have many interests and have made a career as a Professional Freelance Writer, and as an Online Fitness Coach.

2. You’re an outspoken fan of Donal Trump, at least on social media., What’s been the reaction from your friends, family and strangers?

My reaction from friends and family has been mixed. I am very outspoken, as a Trump Supporter, an American Patriot and as a Christian woman. (I believe these go hand-in-hand.) My immediate family are all supporters of our President, but there have been plenty of non-heated arguments over the medias “facts”.

My non-supportive family and friends like to make up their own facts, or go off of Fake News Media, like CNN. It is frustrating to have to fact check people in person, because they choose not to do so themselves. That is the danger of the censorship happening now. The truth is hidden and people are gullible or just ignorant.

Strangers are more kind than anyone else. I have had some vulgar things screamed at me over my Trump hat or shirt, which I choose to brush off. Freedom of Speech is a bitch sometimes, but I still support it. I did recently have a woman approach me and thank me for supporting our President, because she came from Poland as a child, and was scared to see our country heading down the same path. It is amazing how kind a lot of Trump Supporters are, and we are everywhere.

3. What are your views on Hilary Clinton?

Before the 2016 Election, I was terrified. The idea of Hillary Clinton being in charge of The People, our Military, etc is a horrifying idea. The woman sent out the coordinates of our troops in Benghazi, leading to many deaths. All of her emails, collusion, corrupt actions, etc. TERRIFYING. It was weird to see women vote for her just because she is a women… I am not one to vote someone in just because of sex. We do not have the right to hold office, just because we have ovaries. That woman needs to be locked up in Guantanamo asap for treason.

After the 2016 election, I felt a lot of relief. We finally have a President that does not care for the rules that negatively affect The People, and who refuses to be censored. He is a Christian man, and so is his family. They truly care for the American People. I am so proud of Our President and for the work that he and his Admin. have accomplished in just 4 years. Most notably, the border wall for our nation’s Security, and the economy.. before our Gov. shut everything down to prove a point.

4. What’s your perspective on the recent storming of Congress?

I think the recent “storm” on Congress was a massive set-up. I think Nancy Pelosi and others know that the President has enough evidence of corruption, collusion, and fraud to send them all to prison as traitors, and now they are grasping at straws. They do not care for the American people. I do not stand with anyone who broke anything, caused damage or harm to anything or anyone.I know that I watched live and recorded footage of people INSIDE of the Capitol Building, handing weapons to those who were at the windows, before there was ever any damage done. These were people, already in the building, handing out bats and weapons CALLING for people to become violent.I also saw footage of extremely non-violent citizens walking around THEIR building, not hurting anyone, not causing any damage. They were there to stand as Proud Patriots of this country, and to stand with Trump, and walked into the building once the doors were opened. This includes an older woman, who was just amazed at how beautiful and big the building was, since we do not generally go into the government buildings that we pay for.

Most people never got violent. I hope that the lack of violence at the Capitols in each state, and at the Capitol Building on January 17th was a little more proof that we are not the shit-starters, for the most part. Trump does not stand for the violence and destruction. He also does not stand for fraud, stealing from the American People, or the way our country has been run since 1871. We are not the United States, and haven’t been for a long time. We are a corporation, owned by the City of London- and most Americans don’t even know.It is time to Make America Great Again. (I could go on forever, so let me know, lol.)

5. Are there any element’s of Trump’s leadership that you don’t agree with?

There is nothing about Trumps Presidency that I disagree with, enough to call it out. There are definitely opinions, phrases, and things in general about Trump that I would not repeat, but that is a personal criticism.. and every human makes mistakes. I don’t think we know enough about what Trump has been doing behind the scenes. We will find out, anytime, of all of the arrests that have been made in private. (Draining the Swamp) and much more. We will find out.

I think he is an amazing president and is going to save this country, to the best of his ability. In terms of Trumps Administration, based on evidence I have been seeing lately, Pence should not have been the Vice President for the last 4 years, and I do not think he will be a part of the next Trump Admin. Pence fooled Christians, and most Americans into believing he was on our side, and has proven to be a traitor.

6. As a woman, what is your take on Donald Trump’s infamous “grab them by the pussy” commentary?

As a woman, and as a human being in general, I didn’t like the “Grab her by the pussy” commentary. Will I condemn a man for saying something, that he did not think was being recorded, to another man on a bus? No. Also, Did he grab a woman by the Pussy? No, he did not.

[n.b: It’s alleged that in the early 1990s, while at a nightclub Donald Trump without warning put his hand up a woman’s skirt and touched her genitals; i.e. “grabbed her by the pussy.”]

I have complete faith that if I ever had the honor of meeting President Trump, that he would not say or do anything in the realm of harassment. I am 22 years old, and have said some pretty messed up shit, especially as a teenager. The differences.. I am a woman, I am not being recorded because nobody cares, and I am not running for President.

Now, If I ever chose to run.. that’s a whole other story. Who knows what I have said, or done, that I forgot about or regretted? They would find something.I will not condemn him for the one comment, and I believe a lot of his comments since 2015 have been misconstrued to sound far worse than they were meant. For example, Trump saying that his daughter had a nice figure and if she were not his daughter, “perhaps I would be dating her”. The women on the View, I believe,  were asking him about Playboy Magazine, a very uncomfortable topic to be asked about when speaking about your daughter, and I think it was more of a joke than him being creepy. Also, my mother comments on my figure every single time I visit her, because she is my parent, and I have her genetic makeup.. like Ivanka has her mothers. Why he was being asked about her magazine cover, I do not know. Also, the photo of Trump “Touching” her ass, was blown up. His hands were on her hips, not her ass. Her hands were on his hips in the exact same spot, as they greeted each other. The gender bias in these situations cannot be misunderstood.I am in no way outraged. He was a TV Personality and Business man, and is now the 19th real POTUS (Once we become the United States again.) People do change especially when taking on such a major change in lifestyle, work, etc.

7. How has COVID affected your country?

COVID is not the problem, from my stand point. I am not a crazy conspiracy nut, but someone who does not like to take things at face value, and become obedient simply because our government says to. I have boycotted wearing a mask since I developed a bacterial infection in my lungs from wearing one everyday for weeks, back in February of 2020. I tested Negative for the SARS-CoV2 Virus and was told to not wear a mask unless I had flu-like symptoms.

Big Tech has been censoring Americas Frontline Doctors for over a year now, about the Virus, which is just another strain of the Flu that goes around yearly. They have debunked COVID scare tactics, masks, respirators, Quarantine, and more that the media has been pushing non-stop.I only know ONE person who has tested Positive since January 2020, and he had flu symptoms for 3 days, and was fine to travel again. He also has a false sense of not being able to get sick because he “recovered from covid” which was just the flu that mutated like it does over time. Bacteria is still bacteria. (silly democrats).
I feel for every family who has lost a loved one from the Flu in 2020. I am not down-playing people dying. I do, however, believe that this is all a massive plot to scare us, force everyone into submission, and to take over. We will never let that happen, Trump included.

Other than being judged and yelled at over not having a mask on in public, and forced quarantine for months, my life has not been affected much. Neither have my friends of families. I work from home, coaching and writing, and am not too social in the first place. The biggest issue my family has dealt with, has been the lack of work. Thank the Lord, we live in mostly Red States, and our Governors have mostly reopened the economy.

8. Who are your heroes?

Who are my heroes? I don’t really have any heroes.God is our creator, and provides everything we need, if we are willing to ask and work for it, so if I were to have any kind of hero, it would be our Lord, Jesus Christ. He saved us from damnation, so I think we should all be eternally grateful for that.Trump has to be another because he did not need to endure what he has in the last 4 years, and still chose to fight for the American People, even if they did not support him. This country is about to completely change, and it is all thanks to God, Trump, and Americas Patriots. (Also a huge thanks to Foreign news outlets who do not have to be censored by our media. You guys are the shit.)

9. What’s next for America? What are your hopes and fears for the country?

What is next for America? I am looking forward to the change in power that is about to happen. I believe that once this fraudulent election is completely over, every single traitor to this country, and to President Trump, will be sent to prison. Rightfully so.

My Hopes: That Nancy, Pence, Obama, Biden, and every other traitor to this country and its people, be sent to prison/Guantanamo Bay. I hope that President Trump is successfully sworn in as the 19th POTUS in, or around, March. I hope that the people get their country back.

My Fears: That the rapture is right around the corner. I fear that someone will attempt to begin another riot, posing as a Republican or Conservative. We will not begin any riots. We value our constitutional rights, including the Right to Self Defense. I have faith in God, and Donald J. Trump. We will get our Country back.

10. What makes you happy?

What makes me happy? Being able to help people/things. I am a huge animal person, and do my best to take care of as many living things as humanly possible. I am a writer, because I like to share information, stories, etc. with others. I am a fitness coach online, for the convenience, and to be able to help as many people, male or female, to feel better inside, and to be more confident.

Most people do not like to ask for help, myself included, and I can handle as much b.s. and hate that comes back my way, as long as I was able to reach those people that needed/wanted help or just a community to be a part of. I also mentor, mostly women who want to begin their own online businesses, helping people get started with virtual, certified workout programs that meet their needs, to hold them accountable in as many ways as possible, without all of the commute, insane expenses, useless degree, etc. I love being able to do my part in this world, and some.

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