The Long and Short of Ethical Fashion: Ethical Brands with Extended Sizing

Joanna Psaros

7 April 2021 (art and entertainment article)

There’s no such thing as one size fits all

There’s no such thing as a one size fits all solution to creating a kinder planet. So why should ethical fashion be any different?

Unfortunately, many popular brands fail to adequately cater to shoppers who are plus sized, petite, or even who require a size slightly different to the average. A large percentage of Australian women say that they have difficulty finding clothing that fits in mainstream clothing stores. And those that can often find that offerings available lack style, quality, and originate from ethically questionable supply chains.

But this needn’t be the case. If you, like many of us, don’t fit the exact 8 – 12 norm in sizing – or just prefer a wider range of options in the fit of your clothes- the following brands with extended sizing might be the saviour you’ve been looking for. After all, no-one should have to compromise their ethics to find the right fit.


There are so many reasons to love Reformation, from their commitment to their carbon offsetting and the use of ethical labour in clothing production. But even better- this L.A brand also offer extended sizing. 

Reformation’s outfits are tailored and categorised for every occasion, from work, day, cocktail to bridesmaid. Renewable materials, right down to the fibres, are used to create these garments, and the brand uses renewable energy in its supply chain to reduce its climate impact. Best of all, these are available in sizes from XS – XL, so women of all shapes and sizes can do their sartorial bit for climate action. 

Organic Basics

A comfortable outfit starts with the basics- and Organic Basics have you covered with a range of briefs, bras and even socks in extended sizes. Producing both men and women’s wear, this Danish label exclusively uses (as the name suggests) organic materials and commitment to the International Labour Organisation’s Four Fundamental Freedoms principles.

Most Organic Basics garments, which also include activewear leggings and tops, come in sizes XS – XL, and the online store has a helpful sizing guide showing body measurements (bust size, waist size, arm length and more in centimetres). Even accessories such as mittens come in two sizes. 

This label’s selection of styles, cuts and gorgeous muted colours to choose from ensures that you’ll not only find pieces that fit, but flatter and shape or size.  

Girlfriend Collective

While Instagram might beg to differ, not all workout warriors are a tanned, toned, six pack- toting size six (although props to those who are!). And the perfect fitting kit is never more important than when you’re hitting the pavement in a much-needed quarantine reprieve. That’s where Girlfriend Collective comes in.

While Girlfriend Collective’s cool as hell windbreakers, trackpants and leggings would suit just about anyone, they’re a particular godsend for women seeking plus sizes, with sizing that goes up to 6XL. For extra points, this label’s website also includes a diverse range of women modelling their goods. 

Most importantly, Girlfriend Collective doesn’t sacrifice their eco-friendly ethos in producing this extended range of sizes. This unique brand commonly incorporates recycled waste products into their garments, for example, their trackpants are made from 100% recycled bottles. You’ll be looking -and feeling- anything but trash in these eco-friendly threads.    

Jamie + The Jones

Things are cooling down, and it’s looking like sweater weather. So what better time to treat yourself to some Jamie + The Jones Winter wear?  

Jamie + The Jones are a Nashville based label with a feminine yet quirky sensibility. Almost all garments are hand-cute, sewn and packaged at the studio, with scrap fabric saved and re-used for new pieces. With a wide range of styles and cuts available, there’s no sizing exclusivity, with garments available from sizes XZ – 3XL. 


Sotela is a brand that takes extended sizing seriously. On the label’s website, founder Hanna describes being inspired to start the label after experiencing difficulty finding clothing that would consistently fit her body as its size and shape fluctuated through life- a struggle many can relate to. 

As promised, Sotela really is a small haven of body positivity and inclusivity in the image obsessed fashion landscape. A unique sizing guide in which Sotela’s sizes are compared traditional clothing sizes (for example, a Sotela size 3 fits traditional sizes 8-10) accommodates an impressively wide range of shapes and sizes, and most items are available in sizes 0-10, which are the equivalent of Australian sizes 4 – 28-30. 

In addition to this extended sizing, you can also see that the desire to accommodate size and weight fluctuations is reflected in the style of Sotela’s clothing itself. Shift dresses, pants with elasticated waistbands and wraparound dresses and jumpsuits feature prominently in the collection. 

Ace & Jig

New York and Portland based label Ace & Jig is truly something special. 

There’s no reason ethical consumerism has to sacrifice style

Ace & Jig preaches a love of quality, ethically produced textiles that “spark joy”, and evidently practice what they preach. In the collections available, bright colours and bold statement prints celebrate rather than attempt to conceal the gorgeous feminine form in all its shapes and sizes. To create these items, the label uses artisan weavers in India to dye the fibres before they are weaved on hand looms. This commitment to a transparent and ethical supply chain sets Ace & Jig apart. 

If you want to support this label (and look fabulous while doing so), you’ll appreciate the brand’s convenient extended sizing which ranges from XXS – 4XL. 


Finally, everybody needs reliable wardrobe staples. From loungewear, underwear, dresses and swimwear, ADAY has this covered. 

Most of ADAY’s items come in sizes XS – L- and while not the widest sizing range possible, ADAY’s online shop does also offer a helpful sizing guide which shows the equivalent international sizing and measurements. 

This label is not only concerned with style. ADAY threads environmental sustainability into the fibres of their clothing, from encouraging slow fashion by designing ‘seasonless’ items that can be worn year-round, to using recycled materials in production. Slow fashion, style and comfort- what’s not to love? 

Fashion can be tricky when you don’t fit the mould. But as these labels with extended sizing and adaptable, flattering items show, ethical fashion can be inclusive.  No-one should be excluded from the option of being a more ethical shopper- so not matter what your shape and size, get on board with ethical fashion.  

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