Joanna Psaros

25 July 2021

A steal at $80 a month

Quick- what are you depressed about today? Work? No problem, go see a therapist.

How was that? Did that help? Good, that’ll be $180.00.

What’s your problem now, what’s got you so anxious? Being poor? Well, get back to work!

But don’t forget your next therapy session. Hope asking your boss for time off work doesn’t make you anxious.

Thanks, that’s another $180.00. Now back to work, it’s going to take some overtime to cover that one.

But not today, you’ve got your psychiatrist today. That’s $270.00 And $80.00 for the medication (side effects may include nausea, weight gain, headaches, depression, depression!?)

Weight gain got you down? Well do something about it- see a nutritionist. What’s that? No of course she doesn’t work weekends. And no that’s not covered by Medicare, that’s what you have a job for. Better keep putting in those hours or you’ll be fat, broke, and unemployed.

What do you mean you’re anxious again? 

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